Answered By: Simon Goose
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2024     Views: 2

The University of Cambridge subscribes to many thousands of journals and articles so it is likely that you would have access to the article.   You need to find the Login link on the website so that you can authenticate via Raven as an off-site user.  There is no standard way that the Login link is displayed by publishers or websites, but you need to look for "Shibboleth login" or "Login via your institution".   When you click on this Login link you will see up to two drop-down boxes that need to be completed.   For the institution, search for "Cambridge" or "University of Cambridge" and select it from the list.   For the Access Management Federation, select "UK Access Management Federation".  Click on the Save or Submit button on the page.   You will then be prompted for your Raven credentials and will be able to read the full text of the article.

We are currently trialling a browser extension called "Lean Library" that bypasses these clunky steps for you.   If you install the extension in your browser, Lean Library will deliver the article to you without this fuss.  You will need to login via Raven the first time you access off-site, but that's it - only once, and no searching for login buttons or institution names in dropdown menus.   To get the extension please visit the download page here.